Up the Crumbs — Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner For The Home

Hoovering is one of those never-ending jobs that most of us do not enjoy doing, but is an essential part of keeping our homes looking clean and tidy. Choosing the right type of hoover can, however, make a big difference to how quickly and effectively you get the job done. Today’s vacuum cleaners are modern, reliable, light and quiet and offers the latest in cleaning technology. But which one would be the best for getting those super crumb-free?

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The hoovering heavyweights Dyson still offer some of the best vacuum cleaners around, with the Dyson DC35 Cordless and the DC39 Animal Cylinder offering the latest in high tech gadgets. The DC35 runs on batteries, so there’s no need to bother with those pesky cables. It’s lightweight and claims to save on your electricity bills. The Animal Cylinder runs on a swivel ball system, which is said to be ultra-efficient at picking up bacteria, mold and pet hair — ideal if any family members suffer from allergies.

The Gtech AirRam Cordless cleaner is a slimline, lightweight, no dust-collection bag which gives you about 40 minutes worth of vacuuming time per charge. This vacuum cleaner is a little different with a pack at the back that detaches and can be plugged into a computer, letting you know how many calories you have burnt during your household-cleaning. (more…)